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The Trinity Family Blueprint is a plan for the church to partner with parents in discipling the next generation. It identifies eight strategic points in a child’s development, birth to 18, at which the church creates a family experience to elevate and empower the spiritual influence of parents.

1. Child Dedication (Infants)
2. Fostering Faith (Preschool)
3. Embracing Independence (Kindergarten)
4. Cultivating Character (Grade 3)
5. Affirming Identity (Grade 5)

6. Pursuing Purity (Grade 5)

7. Discovering Purpose (Grade 9)

8. Sending (High School Graduation)

Provided on this site are the following:

  • Overview Document ​- A quick snapshot of the entire plan

  • Resource Guides - Rationale for each family experience with related research


It’s important to note that the Resource Guides do not identify what exactly each Family Experience should consist of. We leave the event planning to you so it can fit your church family. The documents help you understand why it’s important to partner with parents at each stage, and some helpful guidelines about how to do it in a way that is meaningful. The heart of this initiative is to give parents the tools to make these 8 moments significant milestones in their relationship with their child. The church acts as coach and facilitator, but positions parents to be their child’s spiritual hero.

Here are some examples of our Family Experiences:

4. Cultivating Character (Grade 3)
In our Sunday worship service, we have a special ceremony with our Grade 3 children. We give them a Bible, reading plan, and reflection journal. The church applauds and celebrates that their journey as readers has brought them to the most important book. We hold a lunch event after the service for Grade 3 students and their parents. We guide the families through a few simple activities and decisions such as writing their name in their Bible, deciding together when the child will have their Bible reading time. We give the parents space to share with their children how they do their own devotional time and why it’s meaningful to them, and we encourage families to make time weekly to talk together about what they are learning from God’s Word.

6. Pursuing Purity (Grade 5)
We invite parents of Grade 5 students to an equipping event. We give them a Passport to Purity kit, and help them create a plan to take their child on a weekend away to go through the kit. Also at this event, a parent who has already done this with their student shares about the experience, and a teen who had a parent take them through it also shares. We have an open time for Q & A.


(See the Pursuing Purity Resource Guide for more on the Passport to Purity kit.)



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