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The Big Story is a child-friendly overview of the metanarrative of the Bible. It is designed to give children a framework for lifelong Bible learning. It consists of 6 eras or stages of the Bible metanarrative, combined with simple anchor statements.

The Magnificent Paradise

The Broken World

The Chosen People

The Promised One

The Shining Witnesses

The New World

We created The Big Story as a response to declining biblical literacy. We began to observe that children and those who work with them become fixated on two things–learning the facts of an individual Bible story, and drawing from the story a point about how one should behave. While both of those are necessary aspects of ministry to children, we believe a better way to set them up for lifelong discovery of God through his Word, is to help them understand how all the individual Bible stories fit together in The Big Story. In addition, we aim to help children come to understand their own story within The Big Story. They, too, are shining witnesses, and we all await The New World. God’s story is still being written, which gives their life purpose.

The Big Story is not a curriculum, rather it is a resource that can be used alongside any curriculum to help children make meaning of the metanarrative of Scripture. It works best when coupled with a chronological children’s curriculum. Both our children’s and student ministries have taken a year to focus on The Big Story, and we continue to use it as our foundational framework.



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